Is Food Medicine & Medicine Food?

Hippocrates the Father of Western Medicine born around 460 BC said “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”. There is also The Hippocratic Oath which was originally required by new physicians to swear upon a number of healing gods to uphold stringent ethics. It has been modified for some practices using it in the 21st century. If you think about the line “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”, it’s simple and logical. Yet so many people cannot grasp this. If you cross reference with religious books they will tell you that eating close to nature is best. God/Universe gave you the answers you need to enjoy good health.


Do you think if you had a clear defined purpose, that you would do all it takes to get your health on track to live that purpose? The body you live in is your body and no one else’s. You can get knowledge to cross reference to get it at its best possible state. It’s your free will to truly change your lifestyle to stay healthy. You need to cross reference with your health just the same as you do in other areas of your life.


Look, again think logically. Let’s use your left brain. You find out who you are. You have a gift. Automatically you will have a thirst for life and want to look after yourself. Now paint a picture of these logical steps in your mind. That’s right visualize (use the right brain) and hold that positive thought everyday. Write a goal on a piece of paper, and also draw or find a picture of how you want to look. You have work to do. Get Healthy! So you can maximize your gift. Does it make sense to you to create financial wealth without factoring in your health? Balance, remember. Think about it, your health is your wealth.