Balance = Spirituality

You absorb so much information coming in from so many angles it can be daunting. Staying on track of it all is very difficult. One way I have found useful is applying the The FEDD principle. This is anacronym for Filter|Evaluate|Discern|Discard. You absorb information from loved ones, TV, movies, the internet, books, and yourself via observation. As you increase your awareness of who you are, and the goals you need to meet, you will filter information much more quickly and clearly. Have an open mind and evaluate the information and see if it is for your higher purpose. Asking better questions and being in your flow will help you to discern much better. This is the crucial key, where you self-correct and say “Hmmm, is this serving my goal, do I really need this or that?” You then discard what remains and master it.


Remember also that people’s opinions and views are just their perception on topics according to how they absorb information and what drives their motives in search for information. Be careful of people who just absorb or eat all the information without going deeper and do not discern by using the crystal apples strategy as discussed earlier. These people will repeat or recite back to you misinformation, I call these people “Eater Repeater”.


Time is of the essence and you have work to do to meet your goals. Master The FEDD Principle.

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